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Pragmatic solutions

We use pragmatic approach for our R&D projects. We serve companies turning technical problems into solutions for better products and processes.

Professional materials

If you are new to TRIZ use our great materials. Start with our certified level 1 Handbook.

Made by TRIZ professionals

the World's first and only complete level 1 Handbook for MA TRIZ exam.

Made in accordance with MA TRIZ guidelines



the Handbook provides all information required by MA TRIZ at level 1 certification exam.


Theory enhanced with practical tips and facts on how to use tools.

More then knowledge

Every chapter is enriched with number of different exercises.

Control questions

Every chapter is followed with control questions. Can you answer all?

Our workshops are the best way to absorb and practice TRIZ tools. Instructors guide you through classes and mini projects.

We share our knowledge

Practical workshops

MA TRIZ Certification training

Public TRIZ introductions

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