Seminar description The main purpose of the course is to learn fundamental rules of product innovation with the usage of TRIZ Tools. Participants will achieve basic skills that allows to solve product innovation problems during their daily work. The seminar is based on lecture materials and practical exercises including tasks brought by participants. The attenders will learn Skills and knowledge that allows to use TRIZ Tools for solving basic innovation problems such as:
  • Function Analysis
  • Cause-Effect Chain Analysis
  • Trimming for products
  • Key Problem Identification
  • Inventive Principles and Contradiction Matrix
  • Physical Contradictions and algorithm for solving them
  • Trends of Engineering Systems Evolution
  • Introduction to Standard Inventive Solutions
  • Introduction to TRIZ Patent Strategies
Our seminars are:
  • The only one courses on Polish market that are compatible with the requirements of International TRIZ Association (MA TRIZ).
  • Performed according to training program applied in R&D Units in: Samsung, Hyundai, GE, Intel, P&G, Siemens, Philips and many other.
  • Based on latest analytical and strategical tools, that covers whole TRIZ knowledge.
  • Covering I, II and III Level course compatible with MA TRIZ requirements.
  • Performed by TRIZ Master (V Level Specialist), MA TRIZ President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor – S. Ikovenko, who is acknowledged as the best TRIZ Trainer by GE, Hyundai and many other.
  • Organized by certified MA TRIZ specialists and members of the Program Council of the Polish TRIZ Foundation.
  • An opportunity to achieve official MA TRIZ certificate, acknowledged by HR Units of largest world corporations.
Pre-seminar webinar with professor Sergei Ikovenko During the webinar professor Ikovenko portrayed short introduction to TRIZ, explained why it is worth to invest time to learn this methodology and talked through the seminar topics. See also: Video-summary of the Polish TRIZ Kick-off Meeting 2015 Seminar agenda
Our lecturer Professor Sergei Ikovenko

TRIZ Master, President of the International TRIZ Association (MA TRIZ), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor. Conducted more than 900 innovation and TRIZ trainings for the worldwide companies form the Fortune 500 List.

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Date of seminar
20-22 June 2016

WUT Business School
Room 300
ul. Koszykowa 79, Warsaw