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MA TRIZ Certification L1 Handbook

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Everyone interested in a systematic and algorithmic approach to inventiveness can learn the material required to obtain the level 1 of MA TRIZ certification. The book shows how to  experience the creation of pragmatic innovations through practical exercises. Individuals who have already obtained the MA TRIZ level 1 certificate will find a systematized knowledge in the handbook, as well as new, inspiring examples. Readers will get to know both the tools for identifying and analyzing the right innovation problems as well as the tools for quickly developing effective solutions. Knowledge about contemporary TRIZ has never been so easily available!

  • The world’s first complete TRIZ learning level 1 handbook.
  • Compliant with the MA TRIZ curriculum and requirements
  • Contains material covering contemporary TRIZ in the scope of the level 1 of MA TRIZ certification.
  • Prepares for the level 1 of MA TRIZ  certification exam.

What you get

Methods of the TRIZ methodology collected and presented in an accessible way. The material complies with the guidelines and curriculum of the International TRIZ Association. Material to the extent required to pass the level 1 examination and obtain the MA TRIZ certificate. Exercises shaping practical skills, allowing to apply the acquired knowledge in professional work and everyday life. You are one of the first readers to learn about the most modern tools TRIZ.

  • A handbook in English, intended for candidates for the level 1 MA TRIZ certification.
  • It contains full exam preparation material – with examples, exercises and a broad discussion.
  • Attractive graphic design facilitates and enhances the use of the textbook.

From publisher

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are giving you the first handbook of the TRIZ methodology in accordance with the curriculum of the MA TRIZ. It presents the latest TRIZ tools to the extent required to obtain the first MA TRIZ certification level. The effectiveness of these tools is evidenced by their growing popularity in companies and corporations around the world. We wish you pleasant reading and excellent results in creating pragmatic innovations using the TRIZ tools.


  • prof. Sergei Ikovenko
  • dr Sergey Yatsunenko
  • Małgorzata Przymusiała
  • Piotr Karendał
  • dr Serhiy Kobyakov
  • Jerzy Obojski
  • Zakhar Vintman


Edition I Warsaw, 2018

ISBN: 978-83-65899-03-3

this publication is available in two options:

  • hardcover – exclusive edition with great quality and extra materials.
  • softback – cost effective. All necessary content at reasonable price.

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