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Level 2 TRIZ textbook

Written by TRIZ professionals, compliant with the certification requirements of the International TRIZ Association


Gain the advanced knowledge and learn new set of tools for creative problem solving!

Everyone interested in a systematic and algorithmic approach to creative problem solving could learn from our L1 textbook to obtain the Level 1 of MATRIZ certification. Now is the time to go a step further: to gain the knowledge required for the next level of MATRIZ certification.
It is a great way to get the knowledge at the advanced level: readers will learn a new set of tools for identifying problems as well as the tools for effective developing optimal solutions.  Those who have already obtained the MATRIZ Level 2 certificate, will find a systematized knowledge in the textbook, as well as real life examples.
The advanced knowledge about modern TRIZ has never been so easy to acquire!

What you get

  • A new set of tools for effective  problem solving.
  • The material covering State of the Art TRIZ – up to date TRIZ tools, presented clearly and easy to understand.
  • Examples and exercises for sharpening your problem solving skills and the direction for applying the acquired knowledge for solving real life problems.
  • A scope of knowledge compliant with the requirements of the International TRIZ Association for Level 2 certification.

From the publisher

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are giving you the second textbook on the TRIZ methodology in accordance with the requirements of the International TRIZ Association. It presents the latest TRIZ tools to the extent required to obtain the Level 1 certification. The effectiveness of these tools is evidenced by their growing popularity in companies and corporations around the world. We wish you pleasant reading and excellent results in creative problem solving using the TRIZ tools.

State-of-the-Art TRIZ,
Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

A guide for Level 2 certification by the
International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ)


Available in September

Table of Contents

About the authors
1. Introduction
2. Function Analysis for Technological Processes
3. Trimming for Processes
4. Cause-Effect Chain Analysis
5. Standard Inventive Solutions
6. Feature Transfer
8. S-Curve Analysis
Appendix 1. The list of Trimming Rules for Technological Processes
Appendix 2. The CECA Procedure
Appendix 3. The List of 76 Standard Inventive Solutions
Appendix 4. The Benchmarking
Appendix 5. The ARIZ 85 Template
Appendix 6. Glossary


Dr. Sergei Ikovenko
Jerzy Obojski
Małgorzata Przymusiała
Dr. Sergey Yatsunenko


English version,
Hardback, illustrated
Warsaw, 2021
Publisher: Novismo Ltd.
ISBN: 978-83-65899-03-3

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